It’s All About Revenue

“Sales Professionals Recruiting Sales Professionals”

About Sales Connection

Sales Connection is different than other Executive Search companies. Having held executive sales leadership positions for large and small organizations alike, we understand the importance of hiring the right sales and marketing people for the right positions. We have practical experience in understanding the demands organizations place on their staff to grow revenues. There are plenty of “one hit wonders” that succeeded in the good times. The professionals that continually exceeded their goals in multiple companies, in good and bad times are those people that are in demand and you need in your company.

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What We Do

  • Determine initial requirements assessment with our clients to establish criteria for candidate selection
  • Identify potential candidates through networking calls, cold calling into direct competitors or related companies, and database review
  • Do candidate screening through resume reviews, direct telephone interviews and personal interviews
  • Prepare interview notes for discussion with our clients
  • Refer screen and interviewed candidate resumes to our clients
  • Coordinate candidate interviews with our clients, either in person or telephone
  • Verify candidate references, if our clients prefer
  • Assist with the coordination and acceptance of job offers

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Client Feedback

  • “In my 20 year career, I have never found a recruiter that was more of a pleasure to work with than Rick. He was professional, thorough, straight forward, and ultimately did everything within his power to help me get my position. I would highly recommend him!!”
  • “Having been on both sides working with recruiters – a sales manager and rep – I’m amazed at how well Rick knows his clients. He knows the space, products, hiring process and comp plan as well as my sales manager. And after I started, Rick checked in periodically. Rick is unique in a field full of mundane recruiters. If I decide to get back into sales management, he will be the first person I call.”

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